Trevor’s Place – Fall 2011

The beginning of Trevor’s Place in Philadelphia started on a cold December night in 1983, 11-year-old Trevor Ferrell saw a TV newscast about people living on the streets. Those images stirred a compassion deep within Trevor and he pleaded with his parents to take him to downtown Philadelphia so he could give his blanket and pillow to the first homeless person he met. In ensuing weeks, with the help of family, classmates and neighbors, Trevor made nightly trips into Philadelphia to distribute food, clothing and blankets to the needy. Through hundreds of generous citizens and businesses, this little “campaign” soon grew into places to stay and an entire array of services.

Trevor's Place PhiladelphiaThe dream and compassion of one small boy has taken on a life of its own and become an integral part of the vital services offered to the estimated 24,000 homeless of Philadelphia. Since its humble beginnings, the Campaign has grown in its approach and sophistication to how best enable the homeless to regain self-sufficiency.

With the spirit of Thanksgiving in the air, we were honored to be included in revitalizing Trevor’s Place, a shelter for women and children in downtown Philadelphia, in conjunction with Benjamin Moore and the PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America). Over the course of three days, we painted common spaces throughout the shelter including the entry and halls, offices, and common rooms.

A fresh and vibrant color palate was selected by Benjamin Moore, who also supplied the paint.

“We had a great three days. Everything we set out to accomplish is cleaned up and completed on time! We had over thirty painters on the job and some carpenters. I believe the folks at Trevor’s Place really appreciated the fact that we enhanced the look of their facility and addressed some of the pressing needs to make their facility look better. I wanted to thank everyone involved who participated. I want to especially thank John and David Neill for making things go smooth and especially for the guys who gave up their weekend to volunteer their own time for a good cause.”

Joe Feeney
Commercial Sales Representative
Benjamin Moore

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