An Interview with Glenna Stone, Interior Designer

During times of uncertainty, it’s important to find leaders who continue to move forward.

Glenna Stone of Glenna Stone Interior Design, is such a leader. She is using her time at home to create new opportunities for her clients and her team.

“We have all been so busy and rushed before all this. Now, we have a chance to slow down and decide what matters.”

“We are taking the opportunity to work with our clients to define what they love and because they have the time, they are enjoying the process.”

Our clients enjoy the fact that they now have the time and the energy to focus on completing their projects. They no longer make knee-jerk reactions due to the stress of their own work deadlines.

She also notes that everyone she is working with is enjoying the extra time spent with children as a family. Her clients are treasuring this time and working the ideas that emerge from these experiences into future home designs such as places to play games, planning outdoor spaces for gathering around fires for storytelling, etc.

Using Zoom meetings, she has moved seamlessly from live meetings to remote with hardly an interruption.

Glenna provides her clients with a defined process as well as important tech tools that move the engagement forward. These include measuring tools, instruction on how to photograph/video a room or a home, and resources for ways to use space in multiple ways.

Her clients love the convenience of meeting from their home. They receive the same process in every way that includes personal conversations, definition of the work, creating a mood board with colors, textures, lighting, fabric choices – all these delivered by mail or dropped off.

“I love the magical process of design where we start with an idea and work collaboratively to create spaces that are a reflection of the client”

Glenna can be reached at [email protected]



How to Choose a Professional Painting Contractor

Do you know how to choose a professional painting contractor? When choosing your contractor, it is important to keep in mind that choosing the painting company with the lowest bid is not always in your best interest. Quality matters. So, you’ll want to note how much attention your potential paint contractor pays to the details of the job. Here are some great tips to help you know how to choose a professional painting contractor.

Determine the areas of your home that need to be painted, paying particular attention to details such as trim, doors, etc.
Choose your colors; this may determine the number of coats of paint needed, which can then affect the overall cost.
Ask family, friends, etc. who they recommend and/or research local painting contractors.
Schedule an appointment for an estimate (ask if it will be free or if there is a charge).
Note the Estimator’s arrival time and overall cleanliness of his vehicle. This is a crucial indicator in what can be expected from the company you choose.
Go over the specifics of all areas and details of your home that you want included in the estimate. On all estimates you schedule, be sure to include the same specifications, i.e. – number of coats of paint, prep work, etc. to ensure a clear comparison.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the Estimator.
Ask for references.
Visit their website to see samples of their work.

Once you have received your estimate

Make sure the final estimate is clear and includes all the work you requested.
Ask how long the project will take.
Ask what you have to do to prepare beforehand.
Ask about the payment schedule.
Ask about when the project can be scheduled.
Ask about warranties.
Ask about particular products they might recommend for your project.
Ask about the prep work that is performed before the actual painting is done. The key to a long-lasting and beautiful paint job is in the preparation.
Determine your comfort level with each company you met with; keep in mind that they will be in or around your house for at least one week.

Remember, if your goal is to receive a top quality paint job that will endure, choose the company that meets all your criteria, and not necessarily the one with the lowest bid.
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