New House, New Paint Colors?

Choosing paint colors for your new house can be a daunting task. We often hear stories like this:

I recently purchased a new home, and now I have the fun task of picking out paint colors for the entire house (it’s all white, and I can’t stand white walls). While this is not a job that I normally struggle with, I’m torn between choosing all new colors or reusing some colors that I love from my current house. What’s a girl to do??

After much debate, I have decided to go with a combination of new and old. My current dining room is a red that I absolutely love, and I will be reusing this color in my new kitchen. My current living room is a warm yellow, and I will be choosing a similar, but more neutral and deeper shade for my new living room and dining room area. And for a change of pace, I’ve selected a bold and vibrant blue for one accent wall in the refinished basement.

While it’s not always easy to step out of our comfort zones, if you have a space that could use a new look and feel, why not try something a little different this time? And be sure to check back in a few weeks for the before and after pictures of the transformations of several spaces.

Choosing Paint Colors for Your New House


Kitchen Color Palette:
Walls – Benjamin Moore Crimson 1299
Cabinetry – Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17
New Backsplash – Subway Tile
Existing Counter Tops – Granite
New Flooring – Cork in an Espresso Finish

Basement Colors:

Meridian Blue 761

Meridian Blue 761

Palace White

Palace White 956





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