Painting the “White Picket Fence”

Painting the white picket fence is a must to keep your property looking its best and John Neill Painting & Decorating is the best quality paint company serving Philadelphia and The Main Line. The white picket fence has become an iconic image for life in the suburbs in America, but just like any other wooden surface that’s exposed to the elements, it too needs regular maintenance to stay looking it’s best. A thorough pressure cleaning will remove all of the build up, and a little prep work before applying a fresh coat of white paint will ensure the durability of the final outcome. On this particular fence in Devon, PA, we used an oil-based primer followed by two coats of solid stain. We suggest inspecting all exterior wooden surfaces every year for wear and tear to avoid costly repairs, which is often the result of leaving things unattended. Here’s to living the American dream, white picket fence and all.

Painting the White Picket Fence ~ Before Pic

White Picket Fence After Painting by John Neill Painting and Decorating Serving Philadelphia & The Main Line

White Picket Fence Around Beautiful Main Line Home




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