2017 Color Trends – A Sneak Peek at 2017

As we gear up for the final quarter of 2016, Pantone has already begun to gather information for their 2017 Color Trends. Here are a few predictions on what they expect to see in the coming year.

With consumers looking to spend their money on “experiences” and not just “stuff”, the design world now finds itself at a crossroads. Homeowners are still looking to add fresh new colors and furnishings to their homes, but they are seeking a comfortable and “known” look and feel in the process. So how will this translate into the home design trends for 2017?

You can expect to see lots of black and white in home decor, as well as bold colors in interesting patterns. Mother nature is also a driving force in home color trends, with green still at the forefront, and a resurgence of floral as well as jungle prints will make their way into the marketplace.

2017 Color Trends Sneak PeakWith the current focus on sleep, thanks to Arianna Huffington’s latest book, The Sleep Revolution, many homeowners are turning their bedrooms back into true sanctuaries for rest, complete with calming color palettes. Deep colors are becoming a more popular choice, with Navy as the standout color so far.

2017 Color Trends ~ Metals

We can also expect to see the incorporation of more mixed metallics in the coming year thanks to the growing popularity of rose gold, although pastels will carry through into 2017 as well with the current prediction of pink as the front runner.

Color Trends for 2017Be sure to check back in the fall for the official Pantone 2017 Color of the Year announcement.

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