Wallcoverings in Commercial Office Buildings

Did you know that we can remove and install wallcoverings in both residential and commercial spaces? Modernize your workspace with updated wallcoverings for commercial office buildings in Philadelphia and The Main Line by John Neill Painting & Decorating. Over the past few months, we have completed two commercial projects in Villanova and Devon, installing wallcoverings in the stairways and common areas of two office buildings. While the first project was pretty straight forward, the second included three different wallcovering selections, which were then installed in a specific pattern. In both spaces, the newly installed wallcoverings create a clean, but interesting backdrop in what would otherwise be an often overlooked, but heavily used area of the building. If you have a space in your home or office that could use some freshening up, our team of color experts and craftsmen are only a call or click away.Wallcoverings for Commercial Office Buildings in Philadelphia & The Main Line


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