Front Porch Stair Replacement in Chestnut Hill, Pa.

After over forty years in business, many people are still unaware of the additional services offered by John Neill Painting & Decorating. A prime example of this is a front porch stair replacement we recently completed. This project included the removal of the existing stairs (which were beyond repair), pouring a new concrete footer at the base of the new stairs, installing new stringers, treads, and risers plus a new railing, and finally, painting the new stairs and front porch.

If you have a project at your home that involves multiple trades (ie – carpentry, masonry, painting, etc), give us a call and let our team of craftsmen handle it all from start to finish (and with much less work on your end in dealing with multiple companies). ?


Porch Remodeling Chestnut Hill PA

Porch Remodeling in Philadelphia & The Main Line

Prep Work for a New Footer for Exterior Stairs during a Front Porch Remodel in Chestnut Hill, PA

Pouring New Footer for Stairs during a Porch Remodel by John Neill Painting

Concret Finish Work by John Neill Painting during Porch Remodel in Pennsylvania

Installing New Stringers for Porch Stairs in Remodeling Job on the Pennsylvania Main Line

Porch Stair Installation by John Neill Painting

Stairs Painting in Philadelphia & The Main Line by John Neill Painting

Completed Porch Remodel in Chestnut Hill, PA

“Your carpenter did a wonderful job rebuilding the front porch. He was very detail oriented and took great pride in his work.”

– Carol Strasbaugh, Chestnut Hill, Pa.


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