The Coolest Thing About John Neill Painting

We usually don’t “talk shop” at our weekly family dinner, but last week my father had missed a few days due to a cold. When we sat down to eat, he asked me how everything was at the office and if there was anything he needed to be brought up to speed about. I gave him a brief update and then my younger brother chimed in. He said that he has always found it really cool that if you call John Neill Painting Customer Service you actually get to speak to John Neill (and often meet him in person as well).

John Neill, President & CEO of John Neill Painting and Decorating37 years later and John’s still going strong. While we have delayed the ringer in his office so he doesn’t answer every single phone call himself, he is still here everyday hard at work. When asked once in an interview what his favorite part of the job was, there was no hesitation in his answer. He truly loves being able to work with our customers directly in updating and maintaining their homes.

In the day and age of automated telephone answering systems, big box stores, small companies being bought out by big companies, and corporate mergers everywhere, it’s nice to know that there are still small business owners out there who like keep things personal. Give us a call and see for yourself.

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