2014 Colors Hit the Home Marketplace

The 2014 color trends have finally hit the furniture industry, and at a much more rapid pace this year. Seems we can’t wait to get ourselves as well as our spaces decked out in these bold and fabulous colors. What fun accessories do you plan to add to your home this spring?

“High Point, the largest and most important furniture and home accessories market in the US, is always a stage for contrasts. The town of High Point, NC is a sleepy (if cultural) enclave that finds itself the unlikely focus of the furniture and home furnishings sector at this biannual market.

This year, we were again impressed by the impact of fashion-driven color themes. The so-called trickle-down effect – that is, the movement of any given color or style from the fashion world to less style-driven businesses – used to take a tentative 18 to 24 months to have an impact.

That time scale is now unquestionably a thing of the past. Today, trends don’t trickle down, they gush out. High Point Market has done an admirable job of detecting the new and the next from fashion markets and selectively translating them to their best possible use in furniture and furnishings. The result: a market that was more energizing than ever for its of-the-moment representation of trend-right color.

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