A Trip To Falling Waters

Our “farewell to summer” vacation a few weeks ago included a trip to Falling Waters, PA in Western Pennsylvania. While it is a bit off the beaten path (nestled in the mountains about 90 minutes from Pittsburgh), it was well worth the drive. Arguably one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous projects, the one hour tour gives you an insight into his thought process in designing and constructing the home down to the very last detail.

Photographs are not permitted within the residence itself, but the technology used (and well ahead of it’s time) allowed for an open floor plan and a minimum number of interior walls. In fitting with his style, the materials and colors used also reflect the surroundings and engage the senses with stunning views and the quiet whir of the waterfall underfoot.

Because our family business revolves around painting, I couldn’t help but spend a few minutes in the small museum on site. The colors Wright selected for both the interior and exterior of the home were considered very carefully and compliment the setting perfectly. They also happen to coincide nicely with the 2014 Fall Color Trends, as we too begin to turn our focus away from technology and back to nature. Be sure to check back next week for the full 2014 Fall Color Report.



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